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Erick Lokhorst
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Starting my professional IT career at Comsof AG, I worked my way up and, after merely three years, executed the double role of lead architect for the banking application package Comfort and leading a team of over 20 developers. Comfort was completed on time and the functionality exceeded expectations. The architecture of Comfort proved a merit in the years to come as it provided a sound foundation for the continued development of new modules.

After successful going live with Comfort at four banks, I started my own business, NOW GmbH, where we developed NOWFinance, the next generation of banking software. NOWFinance was successfully installed in Monaco, Paris, Miami and Panama. Because of mergers and acquisitions in the financial sector, the client base of NOWFinance depleted.

In 2003 I was one of the founding members of Inmad in Brasil and took on the role as Managing Director, involved in all aspects of the business.

In 2005 I was asked to help in the family business Lokhorst Automation. I took on this challenge and was responsible for sales,installations and maintenance of hatcheries in Nigeria.

In 2008 I founded icorp gmbh in Switzerland. Customers included COMIT, Swisscom and Docucom. Docucom asked me to join in 2011 as a partner where I took on the role as CTO. Icorp is continued by my wife and now runs the web sites CarryAmGo.com, Fast.Gratis and Nneka.com for art, gifts and fashion.

I am a dynamic person with good communication skills and strong determination. I have a strong sense for responsibility and am a self starter with a strong will to succeed in anything I take on. I bring a strong knowledge of financial, manufacturing and retail business, on all levels including management, organization, analysis and development. By working in half a dozen countries on three different continents, I am used to working with both small and large teams of specialists of varying competence throughout the world. In Project management and general management functions I have gained experience in leading and motivating people, taking responsibility for targets and P&L and am familiar with setting up new markets in difficult circumstances. Flexibility and creativity are characteristics that make me popular for teamwork and I have a great ability to motivate coworkers while remaining calm and focussed under great pressure.

Pofessional Qualifications
  • today 2011

    Docucom AG

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    • Architect of Domtrac™
    • CTO
  • today 2008

    Icorp GmbH

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    • Thin client for physical archive
    • Output Management System with interface to Avaloq based on DocBridgePilot, PrintNet T and own development (domServer)
    • Business analysis, definition of new output design, definition and implementation of OMS system connected to Globus banking system
    • Implementation and Maintenance of Avaloq Batch Processing with UC4
    • Set up Batch Management/Engineering Avaloq and Finnova for Comit/Swisscom
    • Design of the applications
  • 2007 2005

    Lokhorst Automation

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    Sales & installations Nigeria and Russia

    • Installation of Luggage Transportation Support System at Шереметьево airport, Moscow, Russia
    • Technical supervision and management of a team to revive a 12 year dormant poultry farm of 176 hectares (Imo Modern Poultry)
    • Installation of several Hatcheries
    • Sales of new and used equipment for Poultry Automation
  • 2005 2003


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    Sertãozinho, Brazil

    • Setting up a new factory that produces FSC certified wood products
    • Planning of production processes
    • Implementation of ISO 9001 certification
    • Implementation of FSC chain of custody certification
    • Preparation of marketing material
    • Contact with US customer (Home Depot)
    • Implementation of Quality Control
    • Procurement
  • 2003 1997

    NOW Inc

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    Banque Sudameris
    Paris, Monaco, Miami, Panama

    • Installation and Maintenance of Private Banking solution NOWFinance
    • Integration of NOWFinance with local software
    • Consolidation of the Sudameris Network
    • Project management for the European Currency project (Euro)
    • Conversion of currencies
    • Conversion of bonds and stocks
    • Planning, developing, testing and installation of new banking applications
    • Auditing and quality control
    • User training and technical training IT staff
  • 1997 1992

    NOW GmbH

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    Baar, Switzerland

    • Maintenance of the banking package Comfort
    • IT Consulting for banks and financial institutions
    • Project Management for small to large IT projects
    • Reorganization of departments through software implementation
    • Analysis and development of many applications including:
      • Payment Orders
      • Swiss Interbank Clearing interface
      • Retirement check processing system
      • Automated invoice processing system
      • Legal Reporting System
      • VAT solution
      • Performance Calculation
      • Asset Allocation
      • Back Office application for Gold Lending
      • Back Office application for Foreign Exchange Options
      • 5250 emulation for Nextstep
      • Order System
      • Many more
  • 1992 1985

    Comsof AG

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    Zurich, Switzerland

    • Maintenance and Development of banking software on IBM S/34, S/36 and S/38 for Wirtschafts und Privatbank, Warbourg Soditic SA, Banca Commerciale Italiana (Suisse), Fuji Bank (Schweiz), Handels und Finanz Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Dresdner Bank, Luzerner Kantonalbank, and others
    • IT Definition and implementation of guidelines and quality assurance program that lead to increased maintainability
    • Increase of productivity and quality through self-made in-house training
    • Design of a new banking package for private banking (Comfort) on IBM AS/400
    • Successful project management of the project Comfort that was completed within the tight time schedule of only two and a half years
    • installation of Comfort in private banks in Switzerland